24 Center Street D/B/A Downtown Brandon Alliance

24 Center Street D/B/A Downtown Brandon Alliance

8 December 2011 

Brandon Public Library – 9:00 AM


Attending:  Frank Spezzano, Jim Leary, Devon Fuller, Harriett Bellerjeau, Blaine Cliver, Bette Moffett, Warren Kimble, Lorraine Kimble,

Administrative:  Steve Beck


1.  The minutes of the 17 November 2011 meeting were approved.


2.  Steve provided an update on the Designated Downtown application being prepared for submission to the state for renewal of Brandon’s designated downtown status.


3   The Organization Committee Work Plan for 2012 was approved for inclusion in the application.  Jim stressed the role of the DBA and that the committees of the organization will play a significant role as ambassadors for Downtown Brandon.  All members must speak favorably of the downtown as we work to achieve the goals of each work plan.  A big role for the Organization Committee is to work to achieve viable funding for the organization to support the work of the other committees; all committees, working together will provide the synergy for downtown improvement.


4.  Blaine Cliver presented the Work Plan occurring during the winter are to ultimately provide a conceptual plan for the downtown that will be approved and adopted by the Select Board.  It was strongly felt that there has to be a definite purpose for the charrettes as well as the next Public Forum.


5.  The Design Committee Work Plan for 2012 was approved for inclusion in the application.


6. Jeff Stewart presented the promotion Committee Work Plan.  There was discussion about the role DBA could play as far as seasonal lighting in the town for the XMAS Season and will this interfere with what the Brandon Chamber of Commerce does.  It was asked if the businesses that have provided decorations, particularly lighting, would or could be convinced to continue that through the winter months – remove decorations but leave the lighting in place.


7.  The Promotion Work Plan for 2012 was approved for inclusion in the application.


8.  Frank Spezzano presented the Economic Restructuring Work Plan.  Frank focused on the market analysis committee will be working on over the next year. It was also presented that some kind of “business roundtable” be developed and scheduled on a regular basis as an opportunity to increase communication between the businesses that are operating in downtown.


9.  The Work Plan for the Economic Restructuring Committee was approved for inclusion in application.

10.  Lorraine presented an update on the progress of the “Buy-a-Brick” program.  All monies have been deposited in a restricted account.  Over $14,000 has been received.


11.  The proposal for the “fencing” in front to Green Park was discussed.  Buzz Racine will install the posts.  The art teacher at Neshobe School is excited to have the elementary students provide art work for the panels.  There was discussion centering on the physical height of the fence and ho best to assure integrity of the fence.  Donations for wood will be solicited from Naylor and Breen and Brandon Lumber.  There was some concern on the part of the town – is it a structure?  Jim Leary will have a meeting with KOA and Brian Sanderson to address their concerns AND what solutions can be developed to minimize those concerns.


12. The second Moonlight Madness is scheduled for 12.14.11, 4 – 9:00 PM. It is anticipated the posts for the fence will be installed and some kind of decorating can be completed by the event.


13.  Steve will write and article for the Reported of publication introducing DBA’s four committees.  Jan – April a 500-word article will be published providing more detail about each committee, highlighting actions from the work plans.  Design – Jan., Economic Restructuring – Feb., Promotion – March, Organization – April. The articles can be submitted to Lee Kahrs electronically at news@brandonreporter.com.


14.  Jim Leary and Steve Beck will prepare a DBA Reference Book.  It will contain legal documentation, agendas and minutes of meetings, committee work plans, information supplied by Leanne Tingay and other pertinent documents.


15.  Questions regarding status of the Watershed Tavern were raised.  We will work to get the lat engineering report.  The question was asked if the Design Committee should make this an issue and it was indicated that both Blaine Cliver and Nancy Leary are members of the committee are aware of what is going on.


16.  The next meeting is scheduled for 1.12.11, 9:00 AM, Brandon Library.