Select Board

Brandon Select Board Meeting

April 23, 2012

Note:  These are unapproved minutes, subject to amendment and/or approval at the subsequent board meeting.


In Attendance:  Richard Baker, Dave Atherton, Ethan Swift, Devon Fuller (7:13 PM).  Absent:  Mitch Pearl.


Also in Attendance:  Keith Arlund, Dick Kirby, Maria Ammatuna, Wayne Rausenberger, Kathy Rausenberger, Brian Sanderson, Norm Milot, Francis Farnsworth, Wayne Giard, Bernie Carr, Jan Coolidge, Christy Gahagan, Judy Bunde, Faith Claessens.


1.         Call to order


The meeting was called to order at 7:01 PM by Ethan Swift.


a) Agenda Adoption – Motion by Richard Baker/Dave Atherton to adopt the agenda as written.  The motion passed unanimously – 3 to zero.


2.         Constant Agenda


a)      Brandon Land Use Ordinance Hearing Minutes – April 9, 2012 – Motion by Dave Atherton/Richard Baker to approve the minutes.  The motion passed unanimously 3 to zero.

b)      Approval of Minutes – Select Board – April 9, 2012 – Motion by Richard Baker/David Atherton to approve the minutes.  The motion passed unanimously 3 to zero.

c)      Consider State Bridge Summary Inspection Summary Reports – Keith Arlund explained that the State inspects the bridges in town every 2 years and the Select Board receives a copy to review and acknowledge by signing the document.  The document is used in prioritizing maintenance on the bridges.
3.         Fiscal


a)      Warrant – April 23, 2012 – $201,065.22 – Motion by Richard Baker/Dave Atherton to approve the warrants of April 23, 2012 in the amount of $201,065.22.  The motion passed unanimously 3 to zero.


b)      Consider P. O. # 51507 to Chemical Solutions, Inc. for calcium chloride flake – $8,673.28.  Motion by Richard Baker/Dave Atherton to approve P. O. #51507 to Chemical Solutions, Inc. for calcium chloride flake in the amount of $8,673.28.  The motion passed unanimously 3 to zero.  Keith Arlund indicated that 4 bids were received and this appears to be the lowest bid price.


4.         Scheduled Reports from Committees and Officials


            There was no discussion held.

5.         Town Manager’s Report


Keith Arlund reported that the Recreation Director position interviews will begin on April 25.

The street light incentive program will be reviewed and there is a fee of approximately $35,000 to change all the lights.  Richard Baker inquired where the fee originated.  Keith Arlund indicated that this is the undepreciated value of each light divided by the number of lights to be changed.  Devon Fuller inquired if CVPS or Efficiency Vermont have been contacted with regard to this project.  Keith Arlund indicated that there have been communications and answers are expected.


6.         Public Works Report


            Brian Sanderson presented the Public Works report with the following highlights:

  • The new dump truck has been delivered
  • The Newton Road contractor has submitted the proposals and they have been forwarded to the FEMA representative for review.
  • A grant application for Class 2 roads has been submitted for Union Street.  A separate grant has been submitted for a 4’ culvert for Union Street as part of a Structures Grant.
  • The bathrooms at Estabrook Field have been re-keyed.  There are 4 keys available with staff and Brian is the only authorized person to sign for more keys to be made.  Maria Ammatuna recommended that this be relayed to the Otter Valley Tennis team as they use the restrooms to change.
  • Sidewalk work has begun on Park Street, as well as at the Town Hall.  Naylor & Breen will be making the Town Hall area 5’ ADA compliant.
  • The 1998 truck has been sold for $500.
  • The information on the website concerning the Public Works has been updated.  Thank you to Janet Mondlak for assisting with this.
  • The Highway Department staff attended a seminar last week with Dig Safe.
  • The Welcome to Brandon sign that sits in the area of Wood Lane has been re-set.  Thank you to Ed LaGrange and Devon Fuller for assisting with this.
  • There was a broken sewer line repaired on North Street at Middle Road.
  • The skating rink has been disassembled and stored for the season.


The proposals for the purchase of a new truck were discussed.  This truck would replace the Dodge and will make it easier for the Highway staff to run smaller equipment and errands.  There was discussion concerning the VTRANS bids that were received.


Ethan Swift indicated that there will be a need to replace the grader and loader in the near future and that these vehicles should be included on the replacement schedule for budgetary purposes.  Brian Sanderson indicated that this project is in the works.


Devon Fuller inquired if there were adequate funds available.  Keith Arlund indicated that there were funds available in the Equipment and Replacement Fund.


Richard Baker expressed the desire to purchase the vehicle more locally than the bid indicates.  Currently, the VTRANS bid is through Shearer in Burlington.  Keith Arlund will look into this.


Motion by Ethan Swift/Richard Baker to purchase a utility truck, by recommendation with VTRANS bids, a Chevrolet Silverado in the amount of $22,600, to include a spray in bed liner.  Keith Arlund explained that the extended warranty will be discussed at the time of purchase and will be considered at that time.  Motion passed unanimously 4 to zero.


Devon Fuller inquired the status of the mounds on the Newton Road.  Brian Sanderson indicated that options are being reviewed and there is a possibility of crushing the mounds in place and removing the material to town projects, which would save funding on the receiving projects.


Bernie Carr inquired the status of Maple Street.  Brian Sanderson explained that CVPS has completed their portion and is waiting for Comcast and Fairpoint before Markowski Excavating can complete the project and ready the area for resurfacing.  The project is weather dependent and is anticipated to take 2 – 3 weeks to complete.


7.         Citizen’s Public Forum


Dick Kirby was present to discuss the excessive amount of vehicles that are in his neighborhood.  Mr. Kirby had a letter, which he read, that was sent by the Zoning Administrator in 2009.  Keith Arlund will discuss this situation with Tina Wiles, Zoning Administrator and enforcement procedures will be followed.


Kathy Rausenberger questioned if the board had made a decision regarding the request from the Friends of the Town Hall for additional funds for the renovations to the Town Hall.  Ms. Rausenberger wished to thank the Town for the work that has begun on the sidewalk.  There was discussion that the Town will be waiving local fees for wastewater permits and that the Town has already given $4,000 for “maintenance”.  Ms. Rausenberger explained that there is a reconciliation of the Friends of the Town Hall accounting and the results will be discussed once completed.  This request has been tabled to a future meeting.


Christy Gahagan was present to discuss the Boys & Girls Club funding for the Summer Programs and was looking for the procedures for requesting funds for upcoming years.  Devon Fuller explained that if the Club would like an increase in allocations, that a petition would need to be filed.  Ms. Gahagen indicated that the summer programs and hours will be decreased due to the decrease in funding.  A recommendation was made to consult with the new Recreation Director (once one is hired) to possibly coordinate funding in the Recreation budget.


8.         Old/Other Business (if needed)


Richard Baker stated that Stephen A. Douglas was born on April 23, 1813.


Ethan Swift discussed the Segment 6 project with concerns to the design work and the hydraulics analysis.  There was discussion concerning this topic and the incorporation with the bridge portion or stand-alone project.  Keith Arlund will check into the topic.


Ethan Swift explained that he recently met with the Planning Commission concerning the Land Use Ordinances section 407 with regard to variances and no amendment is required.  Devon Fuller informed the public that there will be a meeting at the Library at 6:00 PM on May 7 with the Planning Commission.


Dave Atherton discussed the delinquent sewer bills and that he has spoken with other towns as to how they handle delinquencies.  Most towns make the delinquency the landowner’s responsibility.  Keith Arlund indicated that Jim Carroll has been contacted and is not available until May 3.


Devon Fuller inquired the status of the Section 6 Right of Way accesses.  Keith Arlund will be reviewing this information.


9.         Possible Executive Session – Contracts/Personnel (if needed)


None discussed at this time.


10.       Adjournment


The Select Board adjourned to the Sewer Commissioners at 8:38 PM.


Respectfully Submitted,


Kelly Giard

Recording Secretary