Select Board

Brandon Select Board Meeting    

June 25, 2012

NOTE:  These are unapproved minutes, subject to amendment and/or approval at the subsequent board meeting.


In Attendance: Devon Fuller, Richard Baker, Mitch Pearl, Dave Atherton, Ethan Swift


Also in Attendance:   Keith Arlund, Ben Wimett, Kathy Rausenberger, Wayne Rausenberger, Lee Kahrs, Janet Mondlak, Steve Beck, David McKinnon, Charles Rivers, Seth Hopkins, George Reilly, Steven Zorn, Joan Rowe, Judy Eve Brown, Sue Gage, Phyllis Reed, Jim Leary, Liz Gregorek, Bernie Carr, Beth Carr, Helyn Anderson, Terry Kline, Jeff Stewart, Linda Stewart, Robert Black, Kerrie Quinn, Russ McColman, Line Barral, Judy Bunde, Brian Coolidge, David Bourn, Karl Fjeld, Tina Wiles, Nancy Leary, Christy Gahagan, Marty Feldman, Anna Scheck, Buzz Racine, Skip Davis, Warren Kimble


1.  Call to order


The meeting was called to order at 7:00PM by Devon Fuller, Chair.


a) Agenda AdoptionMotion by Mitch Pearl/Ethan Swift to adopt the agenda with the following amendment. The motion passed unanimously – 4 to zero. 


Ethan Swift suggested including as a regular agenda item, as well as this evening’s agenda, Town Infrastructure, as there are many projects going on in the wake of Irene.  Mitch Pearl noted this discussion is usually included in each meeting as part of the Public Works or Other Business, but was agreeable with breaking it out as a separate agenda item.  This evenings discussion will take place after Item 7.


2.  Consent Agenda


a) Approval of Minutes – June 11, 2012 – Select Board


Motion by Ethan Swift/Richard Baker to approve the Select Board minutes of June 11, 2012 with a correction to Carl Childs name on Page 3. The motion passed unanimously – 4 to zero.


b) Consider Appointments to the DRB – Raymond Counter, Eric LaRock, Kellie Martin, Phyllis Reed


Keith Arlund stated the Chair had suggested going with the letters of interest. Ethan Swift stated he is unsure what type of experience there some of the applicants have and suggested having the applicants provide information on their experience and readiness to attend training. Devon Fuller agreed with Mr. Swift, as the letters do not provide the qualifications and there should be an interview process or a more in-depth letter of qualification for serving on the DRB. Mr. Fuller would like the Select Board to be clearer on what it means to serve on the various committees in providing the applicants what is expected of them. Mr. Baker provided a copy of a resolution from the town concerning the requirements for the DRB.      Linda Stewart suggested there should be training done through the VLCT prior to electing the candidates, as this is a very important board for the town. Phyllis Reed noted she is happy to interview with the Select Board, but she is concerned that the terms are ending in June. It was noted there will be enough members for a quorum after June 30th and it was the consensus of the Board to hold interviews for the DRB on July 9th at 6PM prior to the Select Board meeting.


.  Consider Appointments to the Rutland Regional Transportation Council


Motion by Ethan Swift/Mitch Pearl to appoint Richard Baker as representative to the Rutland Regional Transportation Council, with Jeff Guevin as the alternate.  The motion passed unanimously – 4 to zero.  


Ethan Swift noted Mr. Guevin expressed interest in serving as the alternate for this council, as well as his recent appointments to the Regional and Brandon Planning Commissions.


3.  Fiscal


a) Warrant – June 25, 2012 – $68,423.84

Motion by Richard Baker/Ethan Swift to approve the warrants of June 25, 2012 in the amount of $45,161.92. The motion

passed unanimously – 4 to zero.


Richard Baker stated this amount is different from the originally warned amount as the town has not been invoiced for one of the warrants from the state.


Devon Fuller questioned why the payment to Amanda Berry for the mulch had been taken out of Economic Development and Mr. Arlund noted it was thought to be part of the “Love A Park” program, however, advised it could be changed to Park Maintenance if required.


b) Warrant – July 1, 2012 – $38,012.06


Motion by Richard Baker/Ethan Swift to approve the warrants of July 1, 2012 in the amount of $38,012.06. The motion passed unanimously – 4 to zero.


c)  Consider P. O. 51519 to Gecha Fuels for Diesel Fuel and #2 Heating Fuel 


Motion by Richard Baker/Ethan Swift to authorize the Town Manager to sign on behalf of the Select Board P. O. #51519 to Gecha Fuels for diesel fuel and #2 heating fuel at a rate of 24 cents over rack rate and according to historic records for gallons. The motion passed unanimously – 4 to zero.


d)  Consider P. O. 23251 to Irving Energy for Propane (Police Station)  


Motion by Richard Baker/Mitch Pearl to authorize the Town Manager to sign on behalf of the Select Board P. O. #23251 to Irving Energy for 1350 gallons of propane for the Brandon Police Station.  


Mitch Pearl noted the purchase order did not provide a price and questioned if there had been supporting document.  Keith Arlund advised the primary user of the propane is the wastewater treatment plant and it is a rack rate with a delivery charge.


Motion by Richard Baker/Ethan Swift to table the approval of P.O. 23251 to the next meeting for additional clarification. The motion passed unanimously – 4 to zero.    


e)  Consider FY12 Audit


Keith Arlund advised he has negotiated with both Glenna Pound and Mudget, Jennet & Krogh-Wisner for reduced pricing.  Glenna Pound, who is a contracted CPA, has reduced her proposal from $9,450.00 to $8,775.00 for completion of the initial financial statements that are then passed on to Mudget, Jennet & Krogh-Wisner for evaluation.


Motion by Mitch Pearl/Richard Baker to approve the proposal from Glenna Pound, CPA.   The motion passed unanimously – 4 to zero.


Richard Baker stated this is a position that was supposed to work itself out and there needs to be a review of staffing as the town cannot continue to spend money on this kind of service. Devon Fuller agreed the town is supposed to work through the necessity of having Glenna Pound’s services. Keith Arlund stated Ms. Pound has been training Anna Scheck with the idea of eliminating her services at some point, however, those services are needed for this year.


Motion by Ethan Swift/Richard Baker to confirm the arrangement for services provided by Mudget, Jennet & Krogh-Wisner for completing the audit for the 2011/2012 fiscal year in an amount not to exceed $18,000.00.  The motion passed unanimously – 4 to zero.


Mitch Pearl noted this is the most dense contract he has ever read, however, it is a service that is needed. Keith Arlund advised the firm is improving in terms of timing.


Motion by Richard Baker/Ethan Swift to reserve all statutorily required funds from FY2012.  The motion passed unanimously – 4 to zero. 


Motion by Richard Baker/Devon Fuller to defer all funds received prior to 6/30/12 for payments of services taking place after 7/01/12, such as the Recreation Department programs.  The motion passed unanimously – 4 to zero.


Keith Arlund advised the General Fund supports the Recreation position and the Revolving Loan Fund supports the programs.


Motion by Richard Baker/Mitch Pearl to reserve all unencumbered funds for economic development through June 30, 2012 for economic development for the next fiscal year. The motion passed unanimously – 4 to zero. 


It was noted there are expenses that have not been charged yet.


Richard Baker stated the town does not know what the total repair costs for Irene will be and suggested having all other funds left over be used for this purpose. He suggested restricting it to Irene-related expenses, however, it is not known what that number will be and it will likely not be known for a few weeks. Devon Fuller questioned the difference between encumbering the funds or placing them back into the General Fund. Mitch Pearl stated in order to use the money in the following year, it would require this step, or it reverts back to the following fiscal year’s base.


Motion by Richard Baker/Ethan Swift to encumber all otherwise dedicated funds for repairs, as a result of tropical storm Irene.  The motion passed unanimously – 4 to zero.     


4. Scheduled Reports from Committees and Officials


There were no scheduled reports from committees or officials.


5.  Town Manager’s Report

.  Status of Irene Repairs


Keith Arlund advised VHB is finalizing the memo for the DBA design issues. He is working with VHB and the Chamber regarding the need for a public relations officer for Segment 6. There may be a means to hire someone and Patty Coburn suggested this was done in Manchester. Work is being done on the front portion of the Green Park and stabilization of the back section of the parking lot. Mr. Arlund advised that Jim Carroll stated there is no basis for a claim for the property owners adjacent to the old high school. Mr. Arlund will continue work with CLD on the Kennedy Park repairs and FEMA has asked for information about the ramp system. The town office design team will be having additional meetings regarding handicap accessibility. Newly hired Recreation Director, Bill Moore, will begin on July 1st, with his office initially located at the Boy’s and Girl’s Club.


Ethan Swift questioned if FEMA had asked questions about the stairs in Kennedy Park. Keith Arlund was able to obtain the notes and indicated the stairs were totaled and the code issues would require a ramp and that was what was submitted. Mr. Arlund is trying to get funding for a ramp that was suggested in the Backyard Project. They have asked for more information and background on the existing stairway, which Mr. Arlund provided.


Mitch Pearl questioned the progress of Briggs Lane. Keith Arlund continues to work with CLD, as the sewer line has to be repaired and with the tearing out of the all the sewer lines during Segment 6. They are trying to determine whether some advanced work can be done, similar to the Option 8 waterline situation. The integrity is okay at the moment, but the entire concrete piece will be done under Route 7 and a new retaining wall built with Segment 6. Mr. Arlund is researching some alternatives and is trying to work around the property that is not being repaired.


Devon Fuller asked if Newton Road is completed. Keith Arlund advised the cutting and paving is going to be done by D & F. With regard to the Nopp’s pile, Mr. Fuller noted Brian Sanderson had figured out a way to use it, but it was not cost-effective for the town and Mr. Fuller questioned if something can be done with this material. Keith Arlund stated alternatives are being researched and he is negotiating with a couple of people on this material and will be a combination of uses.


Devon Fuller requested an update on Option 8. Keith Arlund reported CLD is pulling out the separate sheets and are close to finishing the ASR, which will then be sent to the state.


With regard to the Briggs Carriage sidewalk, Keith Arlund is having discussions with Joe Acinapura in determining a solution to accessing the building, as it will be expensive to build the wall that will again have to be taken down in the future.  Mr. Arlund advised access can be gained to the first two doors with a temporary sidewalk and railing.  Mr. Arlund noted this is contingent on what will happen with Briggs Lane.


Devon Fuller asked about the H & H study that was discussed with VTrans. Keith Arlund advised the town will be working with CLD on this issue. Ethan Swift stated there was a question of whether a two-dimensional study will be done, as there is usually only a one-dimensional study done. Mr. Swift stated it would be cost prohibitive and beyond what is needed to be performed. Keith Arlund stated this is in the works and will be part of the scope of work of CLD for the Bridge 114 project.


Devon Fuller noted with regard to Segment 6, the design crew has looked at this and have put together an aggressive schedule and the only thing slowing this project down is VHP. Keith Arlund stated they are planning at least one follow-up meeting and he expects to have the memo this week.


6. Public Works Report


Keith Arlund stated Brian Sanderson did meet with Dave Markowski and confirmed the Champlain Street sidewalk will be replaced and it is a matter of scheduling at this point. Devon Fuller wished to have Mr. Arlund thank Mr. Sanderson for all his work. With regard to the fountain in the park, there is an electrical issue that needs to be completed prior to adding water.  Ethan Swift questioned the status of the school’s generator. Keith Arlund authorized the purchase of the replacement part and this equipment will be added to the town’s insurance going forward. Devon Fuller questioned if the tree that was taken out as a result of a traffic accident will be replaced.  Keith Arlund stated the tree was included as part of the claim.  Tina Wiles noted this may be part of the Segment 6 project and perhaps planting a tree that will be ultimately removed, should be postponed. Mr. Fuller noted he would prefer to have the tree replaced.


7.  Schedule Hearing on Churchill Road


Richard Baker stated this issue has been ongoing for years. The town has now completed the mediation session, the property has been surveyed and there has been discussion with the property owners. Under Title 19, it is required to formally schedule a hearing and complete a site visit. Mr. Baker suggested doing this on August 6th, as there has to be a 30-day notice to the property owners. Devon Fuller noted concern that the road cannot be used, due to the condition of the bridge and questioned why the bridge is not being maintained. Mr. Baker stated the bridge will cost $452,000.00 to replace. Mitch Pearl stated there are two different issues; 1) laying out the road and 2) the repair of the bridge.  It was the consensus of the Board to schedule the hearing for August 6th, with the site visit taking place at 6:00PM and the public hearing immediately following to formalize the information on where the road will be. Karl Fjeld stated people need to access the hiking trails and the bridge does not necessarily need to accommodate a logging truck.


 8.  Infrastructure Discussion


Ethan Swift asked what is needed to partially repair the existing Churchill Road bridge, noting there could be a way to reduce the cost through the Adaptive Bridge Program. Keith Arlund stated there is a truss bridge on top of the old bridge and Brian Sanderson has talked with Tim Gibbud and is currently costing what planking would be to make a ramp. It may be possible to remove the VAST truss bridge and repair the original bridge. Ethan Swift questioned if the iron truss bridge that is earmarked for Brandon in storage in Bethel would be a possible solution. Keith Arlund will look into this item. Devon Fuller stated it has been a year since the town has come to an agreement with the property owners and it is the only access to the National Forest and the town needs to start using the road. Mitch Pearl suggested development of a task force to determine different options to consider. Ethan Swift stated the town has local representation on the Moosalamoo Board and they have an interest in this area as well. Mr. Swift noted he is willing to contact the Forest Service.  Richard Baker stated there is no parking on the road until there the bridge is made passable. Keith Arlund stated there is a turnout on Route 73 beyond the road for parking and the town has a three-rod right of way and there will be the possibility for parking. Mitch Pearl encouraged citizens to come forward who would be interested in assisting with this effort. Dave Atherton volunteered to be the point person for a task force for the Churchill Bridge.


The following letter was read by Janet Mondlak on behalf of the Brandon Chamber of Commerce:


“June 25, 2012


We are concerned about the lack of improvement, repair and maintenance of town infrastructure. In the past ten years, private business owners have invested millions of dollars in town, downtown in particular. We do not feel town government has kept up with their share of improvements and Mother Nature’s hit last August only accelerated the degree of neglect. The Brandon Chamber isn’t usually in the business of taking political stands or telling the Town had to conduct their business.


However, as Executive Director of the Brandon Chamber, and with the support of the Board of Directors, we are concerned with the continued inaction on the part of the Town to move forward, especially in the aftermath of Irene and take care of its responsibilities. We recently learned that the Town did not budget anything in FY13 for Irene-related repairs to the town office building or town parks and property. What was that thought process? Did the town plan to only do repairs up to what FEMA would pay? It’s good that the Brandon business community did not think like that — if they had, half of downtown would be abandoned right now.  She applauded the town for encumbering funds for Irene repairs this evening.


Specifically here are some of the neglected projects which we question:


Kennedy Park – the damaged bricks, garden area, and specifically the back steps (which we realize have been neglected for decades but not hard to fix). I’ve seen Kevin Birchmore from the McKernon Group looking at the steps for work to be done — is that in the works? What is the timing?


Brandon Green Park – I don’t need to articulate. Glad to see some work done today. I know it was done in response to a business owner’s concerns. But when will the park be usable?


Trimming of trees in the parks and sidewalks.  Does the town not hire someone to weed anymore?


Sidewalk in front of Safer Society – This is a town of walkers. To leave a stretch of sidewalk closed for such a long period of time is almost unforgivable. And to create a new crosswalk in the direct path of Prospect Street – A number of near misses have already been witnessed. It is dangerous for people walking or in wheelchairs to cross at this location. Why isn’t it repaired?


The former location of Brandon House of Pizza – There is no excuse why this has not been cleaned up and a permanent solution sought. A new building is not going back there. We understand this is “private” property but truly, if you were in the same circumstance as the owners of the property, would you be doing anything about it? Ask the owners to turn over the deed and then address it. It is a huge liability to the town right now.


These are just a few of the items. There are no excuses good enough for lack of action.


Since the FY13 budget doesn’t have anything budgeted for these improvements, perhaps it is time for the Board to overspend. The Board should make a conscious decision to overspend. Take care of your property. Take pride in your town. Support all the business owners who have made significant investments here and show your residents, taxpayers, and visitors that we have pride in our town. Step up to the plate. Demand town staff take on the projects which need attention. No more stopgap measures like jersey barriers, danger signs, or crosswalks which face oncoming traffic. And most of all, no more excuses. Although all of this is the responsibility of the Select Board and town employees as stewards of the citizen’s properties, if you need extra help with any of the projects articulated, we can round up some volunteers. Many have already offered their assistance and together we can, hopefully, get a tremendous amount accomplished in a very short time.


The Chamber Board of Directors has passed a Resolution hereby requesting a response to this letter with a timetable and plan for funding these improvements. We encourage the Board to hold a special meeting in the very near future to work on this and to come back to your next meeting with a plan of action. Thank you.”


Devon Fuller stated the town does not need to have excuses and a lot of areas can be dealt with. He stated the jersey barriers cannot be moved further back, but there are things that can be definitely worked on. Mitch Pearl stated with all due respect, the town faced the most serious natural disaster in many years. Some of the repairs are not happening as fast as people want, but he feels that people are a little impatient and some things do take time. The temporary fixes, such as the jersey barriers are not liked, but some areas are very complicated and it takes a lot of work to repair things right, but for people to come to a meeting saying the town is not doing anything is preposterous, as the Select Board has been working on these repairs at every meeting. The Select Board members are not magicians and it upsets him when people say that attention is not being paid to these issues. Devon Fuller agreed with Mr. Pearl, but he would like the Select Board and the staff to prepare a plan to outline priorities and articulate them to the public, as he felt a strategic plan could be developed. Ethan Swift stated these issues have come up during the strategic planning and Mr. Arlund has been diligent in reporting. He felt that the timeframes could be more comprehensive and perhaps having town infrastructure as a regular agenda item would help. Richard Baker stated the town is working with three different firms and FEMA, which makes matters more complicated. Tina Wiles noted the town risks losing FEMA funding when repairs are done out of sequence, such as people going into the parks and doing repairs when a claim has been submitted to FEMA for assistance. She stated there are people in town who have not complied with repair criteria and there needs to be flexibility. Buzz Racine commended the Select Board for their efforts and he likes the idea of establishing a plan of priorities and suggested adding a timeline. Bernie Carr questioned why the gorge in the Green Park could not be filled in. Keith Arlund stated there is a project worksheet that has been approved through FEMA and the town has done what they can do to the water and sewer lines and have started stabilizing the front portion of the park. Mitch Pearl stated all of the repairs are moving along and it does take time to do some of these things properly. David McKinnon, Trustee of the Brandon Baptist Church, advised they have been asking for four years to have the Pearl Street corner of Route 73 repaired.  They had completed an ADA upgrade and the town was supposed to patch it, however, there are potholes that make it impassable for wheelchairs.  In 2008, they were told the town is waiting until the Route 7 project; however, the area is beyond passable and needs attention. Keith Arlund will have someone take a look at the sidewalk, as this is the first time he has heard of this specific request. Bernie Carr questioned if there is the possibility of repairing the retaining wall in front of the Poirier building. Keith Arlund stated Segment 6 includes a new retaining wall that turns out towards the Poirier building. CLD has indicated it needs to be replaced and they are trying to figure out if they can build a retaining wall now that will not need to be replaced with Segment 6. The sidewalk would be roughly where it was before the storm, which is not ideal.  Mitch Pearl stated Segment 6 is happening soon and is an illustration of why each of these situations is complicated.  He stated it is not just one thing and the town needs to be viewed as a whole. Nancy Leary stated a group of people had visited other towns that had also been hard-hit by Irene and viewed a concentrated effort with repairs.  She noted having a graph on each project would be good communication to the public and there would be less frustration. Jim Leary stated he had attended many meetings during the Backyard Project and now the Select Board is asking the townspeople to have trust in them. The town website was down for an extended period of time and it took the town months to get it back up.  The Recreation Department was also something the town has grappled with and there was gross miscommunication with the completion of the Police Department and the Backyard projects. Mr. Leary stated the town needs more executive leadership and questioned when the town manager’s contract is up for review. Devon Fuller stated the reason townspeople should trust the Select Board is because they have elected those people who serve on the board. Mr. Fuller stated the biggest issue is a plan and the Board needs to come up with a way to put it together. David Atherton stated in the time he has been on the Board he has seen progress made on items of concern such as the hiring of a Recreation Director and the completion of the web site upgrade. Mitch Pearl stated for all the work that has been done since Irene, it is unfortunate that Mr. Leary can do nothing but complain. There has been extra hours put in and for people to come the meetings to complain about what has gone wrong over the last 20 years is wrong. The Select Board is working on communication and Ms. Leary’s idea of having a grid is a good idea, however, he is uncertain who will update this and he agrees communication can be improved. Jim Leary stated he has spent a lot of time and money in helping to clean up the parks and he is pointing out instances of where there is not enough interest. He stated there are a lot of volunteers and there has to be a better way and he is not present to just complain. Skip Davis would like to know where the town is in cleaning up after Irene, as he has no idea where the process stands. Keith Arlund stated the town cannot undertake repairs until affirmative responses are received from FEMA. The project worksheet has been received for Green Park, but they have not been approved for Kennedy Park yet.  There have been engineers assessing the underground issues to work towards a resolution.  Sue Gage stated instead of creating a chart, she suggested providing some information on the website as an update.


9. Citizen’s Public Forum


Linda Stewart stated in the minutes of the last meeting, Chris Brickell mentioned a container for storage for the Police Department and she encouraged other options be investigated, as there are many of these containers around town that are becoming a blight on the land. Keith Arlund reported a wooden storage shed was purchased for the Police Department.


Bernie Carr questioned the status of the right of way documents for Segment 6. Tina Wiles advised she spoke to the attorney today and they are supposed to be complete by the end of June. Ms. Wiles noted that micro-managing is a waste of time, however, Mr. Carr noted these repairs affect the lives of many people and communication is not bad. Devon Fuller stated there needs to be communication, but there needs to be a balance. Helyn Anderson stated there had been a fractured tree that took out a car on Park Street and requested the trees be pruned before another accident occurs. She also hoped that the bulge on Park Street would be addressed in the near future. Terry Kline stated there needs to be a designated crosswalk at the end of Park Street and a 4-way stop added, as this is a dangerous intersection. Devon Fuller agreed it should be a 4-way stop and he would like the town to look into this situation. Keith Arlund noted he has not talked with the state about changing that intersection into a 4-way stop. It was suggested that a sign be installed indicating it is a 3-way stop.  Joan Rowe stated there is not a day that goes by she does not see near accidents at this intersection and she does not want to see a fatality happen.  Devon Fuller suggested first looking into whether there could be a 4-way stop and then the development of safe crosswalks could be done. Warren Kimble noted he would like to hear that the Select Board wants to work together with the citizens. He stated the Select Board are elected positions and they should expect to hear some frustrations, as the citizens pay taxes and need to be happy about the town. Devon Fuller agreed and he requested when people come to express complaints that it would be nice if they could also suggest some type of a solution. Janet Mondlak suggested a temporary solution to the issue in front of the Safer Society, indicating if the parking spaces would be removed in front of the church and realign Route 7 it would provide more space. Ethan Swift stated the road is managed by the AOT and there are standards for changes. Ms. Mondlak stated there does not need to be parking in front of the church and Mr. Swift agreed it is worth checking out. David McKinnon stated 19 VSA gives the town the power to make changes to the road. Mr. Swift stated there are big trucks that are constantly going through town and issues need to be looked at to be sure that everyone remains safe.  Robert Black stated the Downtown Brandon Alliance is working as one of the town’s volunteers assisting in putting the town back in the right way. There is a series of prioritized schedules and there are meetings that will be held, and to Mr. Arlund’s credit, he has been very cooperative and helpful. Mr. Black feels the public will be pleased with the overhaul of the town office.  The Alliance has been working with the Brandon Planning Commission and there has been a series of posters put up in town. There will also be images about Segment 6 for public viewing and he wished to thank Mr. Arlund and CLD for their help. The group is in the process of preparing maps to help lay out the Town Plan that has interconnected bridges and crosswalks.  He noted they could also include the parks repair, which could be posted on the town web site or another organized way. They could also help manage some public information.  There was a plan to do three different discussions that begin with the Neshobe River Corridor Study program, noting the watershed could be a symbol of the townspeople working together. It is thought that around August 28th, there could be a public discussion about water and what it means to the town. Following that, in the fall there will be a history and healthy streets discussion and then a third focus on economic development.  They would like the Select Board’s permission to move forward with this proposed project. The group could then assist with documenting the process and working together. Judy Bunde thanked the Select Board for moving the meeting to the town hall space and she agreed with Mr. Black that these changes can be done together, as there is much willing spirit and talent in this town.  Ms. Bunde stated relative to the repair of Park Street, when this issue had been previously questioned, it was noted there are a couple of ways for AOT to include this in their list of projects, with one being a site visit from them or by suggestion from the Rutland Regional Transportation Council.  Ms. Bunde requested Mr. Baker, as the Town’s Representative, request this be on the list. Richard Baker stated this request is on the AOT’s list and the intent is to tie it to the Segment 6 project. Wayne Rausenberger asked the Select Board to consider holding all future meetings at the town hall space. It was the consensus of the board to hold future meetings in the town hall, subject to availability.  Helyn Anderson questioned whether the town had bid on the old Brandon High School and it was noted the town was unable to be bid, as there was not time enough to do so.


10.  Old/Other Business (If Needed)


Richard Baker stated there was a small error in Jeff Guevin’s appointment to the Planning Commission, noting it should be modified with an end date of June 30, 2015.


10.  Possible Executive Session – Contracts/Personnel (If Needed)


There was no executive session held.


11. Adjournment


Motion by Ethan Swift/Mitch Pearl to adjourn the Select Board meeting at 9:25PM. The motion passed unanimously – 4 to zero. 


Respectfully submitted,



Charlene Bryant
Recording Secretary