Select Board

Brandon Select Board Meeting    

August 13, 2012

NOTE:  These are unapproved minutes, subject to amendment and/or approval at the subsequent board meeting.


In Attendance: Devon Fuller, Richard Baker, Mitch Pearl, Dave Atherton


Also in Attendance:   Keith Arlund, Chris Brickell, Kathy Rausenberger, Judy Bunde, Phyllis Reed, Steve Beck, Jeff Stewart, Richard Kirby,  Alan Leavitt, Charles Rivers, Lee Kahrs, Maria Ammatuna, Terry Kline, Janet Mondlak, George Reilly, Alice Reisenweaver, Seth Hopkins & Donna Taylor


1.  Call to order


The meeting was called to order at 7:02PM by Devon Fuller, Chair.

a) Agenda AdoptionMotion by Mitch Pearl/Richard Baker to adopt the agenda with an amendment to Fiscal to move e) Consider PO 23134, Wells Communication Service  for Radios to after a) because the check is in the warrant of August 13, 2012 and should be approved prior to the warrant. The motion passed unanimously – 4 to zero. 


2.  Consent Agenda


a) Approval of Minutes – July 23, 2012 Select Board Minutes


Motion by Mitch Pearl/Richard Baker to approve the Select Board Minutes of July 23, 2012. The motion passed unanimously – 4 to zero


3.  Fiscal


a) Warrant – June 30, 2012 – $38,021.90

Motion by Mitch Pearl/Richard Baker approve the warrants of June 30, 2012 in the amount of $38,021.90. The motion passed unanimously – 4 to zero.


b) Consider PO #23134 To Wells Communication Service for Radios (Homeland Security Grant)

Motion by Mitch Pearl/Richard Baker to approve the payment in the amount of $19,800 to Wells Communication Service for Police Radios.


Richard Baker questioned if the equipment had been received.  Anna Scheck stated that she believed it had but would check with Christopher Brickell to confirm.

The motion passed unanimously – 4 to zero.  (With the condition that the equipment has been received.)


Motion by Mitch Pearl/Richard Baker approve the warrants of August 13, 2012 in the amount of $1,052,456.84. The motion passed unanimously – 4 to zero.


Richard Baker stated that the English, Carroll & Ritter check should be held until the Towns 95% portion of invoice reimbursement is received from the State of Vermont, Agency of Transportation.


Richard Baker also stated that the checks for the Schools were being approved as they are due within 20 days of the tax payment due date.  The will not be sent until the tax anticipation note has been signed and the funds are available.


c)  Warrant – August 15, 2012 Mosquito Control District payment -$6,099.75


Motion by Mitch Pearl/Richard Baker to approve the August 15, 2012 payment to the Mosquito Control District in the amount of $6,099.75. – The motion passed unanimously – 4 to zero.


d)  Consider PO #51564 To Florence Crushed Stone for Winter Sand


Motion by Mitch Pearl/Dave Atherton to approve the PO 51564 to Florence Crushed Stone in the amount not to exceed $21,040.


Richard Baker stated that did not follow the practice of awarding to the lowest bidder. Also the quote requested was for 200 CY less.


Keith stated that Brian was provided with samples and decided this would be the correct choice.  Keith stated that he supported Brians’ decision to go with this vendor. The motion passed unanimously – 4 to zero.  


4. Scheduled Reports from Committees and Officials


Maria Ammatuna stated that she would like to read a report from the Board of the Listers.  She stated that the Grand List was sent on August 9, 2012 for the August 15, 2012 due date.  Also the list for Errors & Omissions was submitted  to the Town Office on Thursday, August 9th, with notice that it would be submitted on Tuesday for the Board to hear and approve at the Select Board meeting of August 13th.   This did not happen because of errors on the listings which could not be corrected until Monday, the day of the meeting.


Richard Baker stated that the 411 was sent prior to approval at the Select Board meeting and should not happen in the future.


5.  Town Manager’s Report


Keith stated that there has been a change of location of the Special meeting with DBA, VHB and CLD for August 15, 2012 to the Town Hall Basement.

The transfer switch and other components for the generator at Neshobe School were repaired.  The cost was $11,949.00.

The RFP for Segment 6 appraisal Services was sent out August 10, 2012 with a response date of August 31, 2012.

Keith also stated that he spoke with Michael Yendell earlier in the day and he is continuing to evaluate the plans and specs for the Town Offices.  Mike will try to meet with the architects who have been assisting us.


Mitch Pearl stated that he would like to see the (meeting) area for the August 15th meeting be set up to facilitate discussion as it is really a work session.  Keith stated that he would facilitate this.


Brian met with Tanner Romano to discuss the development of the walkway in front of the Briggs Lane to enter the building.  This would really be a temporary fix as the area will be torn up again during the RT 7 project.


Devon Fuller asked if someone had met with Tina Wiles regarding the flood hazard issues in the Town Office.  Keith state that they had met and feels that flood proofing could be worked into the cost with minimal changes.


Also Devon asked if there was an update of on the Poirer property from the Towns’ Attorney.  Keith stated that he had not heard back but would check on the situation.


6)  Public Works Report


a)      Consider Park Street Completion Memo


Richard Baker that the memo indicated that Brian Sanderson wanted the Board to approve a purchase order that is not included in the packet.


Keith stated that Naylor and Breen had given us the best price at $41.00/lineal foot on the previous 475 feet of sidewalk replacement when that was put out to bid.  The cost for the remaining 640 feet would be at a cost of $48.65 lf.  This is due to increased concrete prices and labor and trucking costs.  Keith stated that he would recommend that the Board consider contracting Naylor & Breen to complete the sidewalk replacement on the south side of Park Street


Richard Baker made a motion to award Naylor & Breen the sidewalk project at a not to exceed $33,786 cost.  It was seconded by Mitch Pearl The motion passed unanimously – 4 to zero.


7.  Town Infrastructure


Keith stated that he and Brian attended a FEMA closeout.  Keith is working with the state re sewer project at Kennedy Park.  He said that one item discussed was the line would have to be connected at the street rather than under the river.  The work on the Green Park retaining wall is being discussed with CLD.


8.  Citizens Public Forum


Kathy Rausenberger asked if the new sidewalk would extend all the way to the Library.  Keith said it would be near t he library but not all the way to it.

Judy Bunde asked if there has been any progress on the Class 4 Road Maintenance policy.  Devon Fuller stated that the Town Road crew is still dealing with the Irene clean up and repairs so the policy has not been addressed.

Richard stated that the Board could bring the policy up again in September.

Mitch Pearl stated that each road is different and the situation may have to be addressed a number of times.  Some roads serve several properties and some are more of a drive that only serve one property.

Maria Ammatuna asked if Lovers Lane was on a list of roads to be repaired.  Keith said the road has not been brought to his attention for any issues.  All of the roads were graded after Irene but it is an ongoing issue.


Terry Kline asked if the Town had an ordinance on the books regarding lawn maintenance and basic upkeep of properties in Town.  He said that there were a couple of properties on Marble Street that look terrible.

Devon said they could look into it and asked that Keith check with the League regarding model ordinances.

Dave Atherton said it would be very difficult to regulate property maintenance.


9.  Old & Other Business


a) DRB Appointments- Mitch stated that he would like to see the Board go into deliberative session and then reopen the meeting to announce the appointments.

Phyllis Reed asked if the Board expected to make a decision this evening

Mitch stated that the Board would be making a decision this evening.  The Board had just not had the time recently to deliberate on the subject and make the choices.

b)      Health Office Appointment

Richard Baker made a motion to appoint Larry Stevens as Health Officer for the Town.  Mitch Pearl seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously – 4 to zero.


c)       Bruce Paynter Petition


The petition of Bruce Paynter requesting the Select Board to lay out temporary right-of-way for the removal of timber from his property across from the Reisenweaver property.


After brief discussion the Board on motion of Mitch Pearl and second by Richard Baker set the public hearing for October 15, 2012.  The motion passed unanimously – 4 to zero


The Board recessed the meeting to open the Board of Sewer Commissioners Meeting at 7:49 PM.


The Board reconvened the Select Board Meeting at 7:51PM.


Old/Other Business – Continued


Devon Fuller/Richard Baker voted to appoint Allan Leavitt and Robert Clark to the DRB for a term from July1, 2012 – June 30, 2015, and to appoint Eric LaRock and Kellie Martin as alternates for the same term. The motion passed unanimously – 4 to zero.


Phyllis Reed stated that she was uncomfortable with Mr. Baker during the interview.





10.  Possible Executive Session (If Needed)


No additional executive session was necessary.


11. Adjournment


Motion by Richard Baker/Mitch Pearl to adjourn the Select Board meeting at 8:30PM. The motion passed unanimously – 4 to zero. 


Respectfully submitted,



Anna Scheck

Recording Secretary