Select Board

Brandon Select Board Meeting    

September 24, 2012

NOTE:  These are unapproved minutes, subject to amendment and/or approval at the subsequent board meeting.


In Attendance: Devon Fuller, Richard Baker, Dave Atherton, Ethan Swift


Also in Attendance:  Keith Arlund, Chris Brickell, Maria Ammatuna, Brian Sanderson, Seth Hopkins, Anna Scheck, Blane Cliver, Kathy Rausenberger, Wayne Rausenberger, Lee Kahrs, Nancy Meffe, Gary Meffe, Bernie Carr, Alan Leavitt, Judy Bunde, George Wetmore, Blane Cliver, Jeff Stewart, Joe Acinapura, Maurice Racine, Helyn Anderson, Phyllis Reed, Doris Farnsworth, Francis Farnsworth, Norm Milot, Brent Buehler, Warden Poweel, Steven Zorn, Charlie Rivers, Dick Kirby, Stephen Beck, Max Ferro, Russ McColman, Butch Shaw, Terry Kline


1.  Call to order


The meeting was called to order at 7:01PM by Devon Fuller, Chair.

a) Agenda AdoptionMotion by Dave Atherton/Ethan Swift to adopt the agenda as presented. The motion passed unanimously – 3 to zero. 


2.  Consent Agenda


a) Approval of Minutes – September 10, 2012 – Select Board


Motion by Ethan Swift/Dave Atherton to approve the minutes of the September 10, 2012 Select Board Meeting with the following corrections. The motion passed unanimously – 3 to zero.


Section D, Page 2, 3rd line; Mr. Swift was hoping to have the digital files that went into creating the maps.  In the same section, Ethan Swift stated the tax maps were already publicly accessible and the question is whether the town can post a pdf version on the website.


b) Errors and Omissions


Motion by Richard Baker/Ethan Swift to adopt the final errors and omissions for this report. The motion passed unanimously – 3 to zero.


3.  Fiscal


a) Warrant – September 24, 2012 – $117,002.15

Motion by Ethan Swift/ Richard Baker to approve the warrants of September 24, 2012 in the amount of $117,002.15. The motion passed unanimously – 3 to zero.


Ethan Swift questioned whether the Genesis hand-held equipment was for the Police Department. Chief Brickell advised these are radar units and the town will receive reimbursement from a grant for the equipment.  Mr. Swift asked about Item 100156 for an access ramp and sidewalk repair.  Mr. Arlund advised this repair was done in front of the Briggs Carriage House and is part of the federal highway claim. Richard Baker noted this area is public property and asked if there should be an easement or license granting access to use the sidewalk, as this work was done to enable the Safer Society to use the building. Mr. Arlund stated concrete was there previously and the town owns the right of way up to the building front and the access ramp was put in to replace the concrete that had deteriorated. The sidewalk will be part of the Segment 6 project.  Mr. Arlund will check with Jim Carroll as to whether a license needs to be granted, but it is the town’s walkway. Devon Fuller questioned the $8,700.63 charge for CLD. Keith Arlund advised there was some engineering funding in the claim. Part of the invoice was for work done to assess damages and part was the markup they had not included in a prior invoice. As the town is reimbursed for the FEMA projects, some of this invoice will be covered. The town has submitted engineering as part of the project worksheets; however, Mr. Arlund cannot guarantee how much reimbursement will be received. To date, the town has received $144,000.00 and has processed the first federal highway claim in the amount of $223,000.00 for all of Route 7 and in front of Briggs Carriage House.  The town has only received the federal portion, but has not received any state funding.  The town will be liable for 5% of the claim.


b) Consider Agreement with Russell Graphics for Tax Map Maintenance


Richard Baker asked whether the $500.00 charge is an annual charge.  Keith Arlund stated the digitized work was done in 2010 and this charge is to bring the digital data coverage current and overlay where it is needed. This charge is in addition to the normal mapping. Ethan Swift stated in order to create the updated maps, he would need to do this in a digital format to create the paper maps and he does not understand why there is an additional charge.  Keith Arlund will obtain clarification from Russell Graphics regarding the extra cost. Devon Fuller questioned if this is a typical charge. Mr. Swift stated most contractors do not just create the lines, but also create the polygons.  Mr. Arlund reiterated he will clarify this item, noting the vendor has been fair and reasonable with the town in the past. This item was deferred to the next meeting for further discussion after Mr. Arlund obtains clarification on the additional charge.


c) Consider/Sign Bond Documents


i)  Police Department Bond


Motion by Richard Baker/Ethan Swift to sign the Police Department bond in the amount of $395,000.00. The motion passed unanimously – 3 to zero.


Keith Arlund stated the original bond application was for $395,000.00 and there are several preliminary documents that the Bond Bank requires for the bond to go for resale.


ii)  Refinance WWTF USDA Loans


Motion by Richard Baker/Ethan Swift to authorize the refinance of the USDA loans in the amount of $530,000.00.  The motion passed unanimously – 3 to zero.


Keith Arlund advised the $530,000.00 represents two USDA principal loan amounts and in refinancing at the lower interest rate, it will save the town a few thousand dollars over the life of the loans. The refinance will include the 2006 bond for the wastewater treatment plant and a smaller bond that was done for the Carver Street improvements.


d)  Consider Police Department Purchase Orders


i)  Consider P.O. 23143 to Foster Motors for 2013 Dodge Charger


Motion by Richard Baker/Ethan Swift to approve P.O. 23143 in the amount of $25,523.00 to Foster Motors for a 2013 Dodge Charger. The motion passed unanimously – 3 to zero.  


Chris Brickell advised this is a replacement for the 2004 police cruiser. Ethan Swift asked if it was competitively bid. Chief Brickell reported this is a state contracted price and the 2013 model is the same as the 2012 contracted price. It is desirable to keep the fleet the same and to have the same location for service work. The 2004 cruiser has well over 100,000 miles and is in need of repair, which would be wasted money to repair at this point. Keith Arlund advised the funds for the cruiser are taken from the Capital Equipment and Repair Fund that had a budgeted amount of $100,000.00 and will have a balance of around $20,700.00 after the purchase of the cruiser. Ethan Swift asked if there are any other significant repairs that will be needed.  Mr. Arlund stated the repair of the emergency generator is included in the balance and during the next budget cycle, research will be done for the purchase of a loader and a grader.


4. Scheduled Reports from Committees and Officials


There was no discussion held.


5.  Town Manager’s Report                                                                                                                                                                           

Keith Arlund stated the town office specs were sent to three estimators and he has received responses from two vendors. Tom Barden of Hinesburg has been hired for the job, which will include up to two meetings with the town. After the specs have been reviewed, a meeting will be scheduled with the architects.  Mr. Arlund reported that Mr. Beck has been researching grants for the town office that include a Historic Preservation grant of $20,000.00, with an equal match from the town.  There is also a possibility for receiving funds from the CDBG Disaster Recovery, which is based on urgent needs.


Mr. Arlund reported masonry work will be done on the 4 Conant Square retaining wall. Brian Sanderson and he observed the Maple Street drainage issues and photos have been taken and forwarded to Markowski. Mr. Sanderson and he will be working with Markowski to resolve the drainage issue.  Mr. Arlund stated Tina Wiles has inspected the cars next door to Mr. Kirby and there are zoning violations that she will be addressing.  Mr. Arlund advised the Paynter hearing will require a site visit. Ethan Swift questioned if there had been a resolution to the drainage issue. Mr. Arlund stated there is a low spot in front of Mr. Fillioe’s driveway and there have been a couple of ways determined to repair it.


Richard Baker stated there had been a discussion at the last meeting to reschedule the October meetings due to the October 15th hearing.  It was the consensus of the Board to maintain the regular meeting schedule of October 8th and 22nd, plus the October 15th hearing.


Devon Fuller questioned if the estimator has provided a timeline, as he is concerned about the deadline for the grants. Mr. Arlund stated a meeting should take place with the architects by October 1st.  Mr. Arlund stated definite numbers need to be submitted for all grants and it will not be possible to have figures for the entire town office project. Mr. Arlund has had discussions with Mr. Black about obtaining an accurate estimate on the porch on the back of the building, which could then be submitted for the grant. Mr. Arlund will be meeting with the passive claims manager to go over the claim for the town office and the Champlain Street pump station.


6. Public Works Report


.  Consider Discontinuation of Winter Maintenance on Mill Lane


Ethan Swift asked if it is a specific portion of Mill Lane that is being considered or the entire area to the end. Brian Sanderson stated it would be from the throat of the alley starting at Route 7 to the end. There is currently one residence on Mill Lane.  Devon Fuller asked about the parking used by the businesses and Mr. Sanderson indicated it has been past practice to plow to the end of the lane and back out, but it has been the responsibility of the businesses to plow their own parking areas.  Devon Fuller questioned if the plowing is discontinued, would it be the property owners’ responsibility to maintain the lane. Mr. Sanderson stated this is not a reclassification, but is to address winter maintenance. Richard Baker stated this area was never established as a road.  Ethan Swift noted this lane was on the list of Class 4 roads for the Select Board to address.  Keith Arlund reported the Department is bringing this before the Board for consideration to begin the discussion of the process.  The property owners will be advised of this recommendation to provide them an opportunity to be heard.


Motion by Ethan Swift/Richard Baker to accept the recommendation of the Public Works Department to discontinue the winter maintenance on Mill Lane. The motion passed unanimously – 3 to zero.


.  Other


Brian Sanderson reported the small sections of sidewalk on Champlain Street have been replaced and he wished to thank the vendors.  The area around the Neshobe Dam has been cleaned and opened up. The Department is in the process of grading the gravel roads for winter maintenance.  The drinking fountain has been removed in Central Park for cleaning, as someone had filled it with feces.  With regard to the wastewater treatment plant, there have been five loads of sludge removed.


Devon Fuller would like the Town Manager to obtain cost estimates for the steps in Kennedy Park and to determine whether there would be grants available for this project.  He agrees with Ethan Swift if there is money to be put into this project, the town needs to be wise about it. He does not see that a decision can be made at this point until further information is received. There are concerns about safety issues and more information will be required. Dave Atherton stated there has been discussion about fixing the park and he suggested shutting the stairs off until it is determined whether the steps are going to be fixed, as there is another access to the parking lot.  Mr. Atherton stated there are some dangerous situations and he is surprised that no one has been hurt there yet. Keith Arlund has appealed to FEMA for Briggs Lane and the Kennedy Park steps.  The Kennedy Park claim has two parts; the sewer is one and the back of the parking lot and stairs is the other. The steps were, by their definition, totaled and this is the basis of appeal. There is a 60-day period to review the appeal and make a decision. Mr. Arlund was advised there are 3400 project worksheets that have been appealed or submitted for a change of scope. CLD had provided an engineering estimate for Kennedy Park, Green Park and Briggs Lane for $170,000.00. Brian Sanderson has written a comprehensive RFP for Green Park. When the steps were reviewed more closely with the stream alteration people, it was determined there needs to be some accommodations to bring them back to pre-storm condition, as the condition of the stairs was worsened by the flooding. Mr. Arlund stated FEMA has approved quantities of fill, paving and grading.  If they deny the appeal, the town will have to determine what to do with the stairs.  Mr. Arlund advised CLD is very familiar with this area and he can work with them to separate the projects out. Richard Baker asked if the town has decided the stairs are not going to be ADA accessible. Devon Fuller stated the town is convinced this area is not going to be ADA accessible unless the town obtains a windfall of money or the town is eligible for additional funds. Mr. Fuller noted there is ADA accessibility through another area. Mr. Fuller stated at this point, Mr. Arlund will obtain more information and the town will await the decision on the appeal.  Mr. Arlund stated the town does have information from CLD regarding the other part of the park. He has heard from the stream alteration person that there is more work that is going to be required. Ethan Swift stated the question is about shoring the area. If there is going to be a concrete wall poured, additional information will be required from the town. Mr. Arlund advised all work will be done from the park or the parking lot.  The repairs will not go into the stream and they will be working in the dry. Mr. Arlund stated there will be no excavating in the river and based on conversations with the stream alternation person; there should be no problem with the fishery deadline.


7.  Town Infrastructure


Keith Arlund stated in a related matter to Kennedy Park, the new owners of the Watershed advised Mr. Arlund that his current plan is to remove the last section that is above the stream and would be asking the town’s permission to bring equipment into the park to remove this portion of the building.  The town will coordinate with the owner to acquire a crane to do both parties’ work and share the cost.  It is hoped the town can clear out as much debris as possible to do the H & H study. The equipment would be a man-lift to reach over the river to get the material out. Ethan Swift asked if there is a timeline for this project. Mr. Arlund stated his engineers need to come before the fire safety people and they are working on salvaging the brick section. They want to remove the board section; however, he does not know what the timeline is.


Mr. Arlund reported the Segment 6 right of way documents were sent to CLD.  They will update the documents to reflect the change of ownership and this will go to the state Right of Way Department for their approval.  The request for the cooperative agreement for ASR 7 and 8 to cover the material is at the state for signature.


Mr. Arlund reported there is a second revised scope of work for Bridge 114. There will be a conference call later this week between VHB, CLD and Patty Coburn to refine the scope of work that includes the H & H study.  This is one of the major deliverables of the scope of work.


Dave Atherton is concerned with the safety of pedestrians on North Street.  With the amount of houses on that street and in Forest Book, there should be a sidewalk to allow the children to safely walk or ride their bikes. Mr. Arlund advised when researching for new grants, they will take this into consideration.  The town has previously applied for the Safer Routes to School Program, but has never received a grant. The LTF will fund new sidewalks and local transportation items, which is the program that Maple Street, Bridge 114 and Segment 6 are under.  Devon Fuller noted Ms. Wiles had been working on the Safer Routes to School program earlier this year and is something that should be researched. Mr. Arlund advised the budgeted funds are being used for repairs, as the LTF will not fund repair projects.  Mr. Arlund will check the grant cycles and advise the Board at the next meeting.


Dave Atherton questioned the Churchill Bridge issues. Keith Arlund will get in contact with Dave Holbrook and will provide an update.  Mr. Atherton also questioned the status of the rock pile on Newton Road and whether the owners of the nearby gravel pits may be interested in the material. Mr. Arlund stated the town is trying to deal with this item. Brian Sanderson stated when this issue surfaced, there was an offer extended to the owners of the gravel pits. Mr. Atherton feels that someone would take it, if offered, rather than trying to make money on the material. Mr. Arlund stated Markowski had also expressed interest. Devon Fuller questioned if half of the material could be considered for town use. Mr. Sanderson will refresh himself on the details, however, there would still be a substantial amount of money the town would have to put into the material in order to use it.  Ethan Swift also suggested the AOT may be interested in the material as they have a number of roads that are considered suspect and they may need to go back and redo the road base. In the course of doing Segment 6, Mr. Swift noted there will be a need for material for the reconstruction of the infrastructure.


8.  Citizen’s Public Forum


Maurice Racine learned that shortly after Irene the town offices were inspected and found safe, but there was no ventilation or clean up done and the town has gone from some water damage to major reconstruction on the town offices. Mr. Racine stated if it was not unsafe, could it have been cleanout out and moved back into. Keith Arlund advised it was unsure how much damage there was on the underlayment, which required removal of the carpet and the flooring down to where it was not wet.  The petitions also had to be removed due to potential mold. Mr. Arlund noted that overall safety was not the issue, however, there were other structural issues that needed attention due to deterioration. He advised that three architects had agreed to redesign the office and have come up with a more open design and layout for the first floor.


Dick Kirby required clarification on the car issue in his neighborhood.  Keith Arlund stated Ms. Wiles inspected all the vehicles and determined there are violations.  It is an ongoing violation that she is going to address and she will move forward with the process. Mr. Kirby stated there are five cars that have not been moved all summer.


It was questioned if any consideration has been given to the reconstruction of Park Street as it is felt this project could fall of the map very quickly and the road surface is unsafe and someone will eventually get hurt. Devon Fuller stated this will be addressed after Segment 6 is started.


Blane Cliver does not think the rear porch of the town office is a good project to submit for the grant application, as he does not think it will cost $40,000.00. Mr. Cliver stated roughly estimating the steel would be far more critical to submit for grant approval.  Mr. Arlund stated the estimates are expected by October 1st from the estimator that was recently hired, as the original estimator backed out. Devon Fuller requested the Town Manager ask the estimator to break out the structural estimate to complete for the grant application.


Jim Leary advised there will be a DBA public forum held on Wednesday at the Town Hall.  Mr. Leary stated The Reporter had a great article about the town office. He stated most of the other businesses were up and running two to three months after the flood and he has questions about some of the decision that were, or were not made. He would like to know who made the decision to move the town offices, since a structural engineer had indicated they were safe. There had been a decision to demolish part of the office and then it sat for months and he would like to know who made the decision. Keith Arlund stated there was enough damage that had been done and uncertainty of how much more damage there was that the carpet had to be pulled out. There had been dehumidifiers brought in to try to dry it out.  There had been discussion at the Board level. Devon Fuller stated the Board did look at this and it was determined that a move would be a better living space for the town office. Mr. Fuller stated it is a fair question and he feels there had been errors made, but he does not know what more can be done. Blane Cliver asked why the town waited until spring before working on the town office. Mr. Arlund stated the town worked on the road infrastructure first and the town offices were dealt with after. Maurice Racine stated a lot of people are confused about the water damage and cleaning up versus renovating the town offices. Mr. Fuller stated the Board had made the priorities first the roads, then the town office and the parks; and it has been an ongoing process. Mr. Arlund stated he has reported to the Board throughout the process and is being worked on, in addition to the usual business of the town. Richard Baker stated three members of the current Board had previously signed a document indicating the town office should not be in that building; and any money spent on the building will not be recovered.  Dave Atherton stated he is hearing that the town could have moved back in after flood cleanup. It was questioned who was making the decisions for the town at that time.  Richard Baker stated the Fire Chief, Police Chief and Select Board Chair were working together.  It was noted the Fire Chief was placing signs on buildings indicating they could not be occupied until the state had inspected them. It was felt that it should have been a financial necessity to get the town offices back into their building.  Prior to the flood, the town office looked very sad and it was perceived that it was intentionally left to deteriorate.  Ethan Swift understands the questions and concerns about the town offices. He stated there was a process that the town was following in the wake of Irene and he thinks it had a lot more to do with public safety and should be in the forefront of what happened with the town office. He stated with the Town of Wilmington’s town office, a decision was made to replace the windows and have the office opened as soon as possible; but he disagrees with that because there is nothing to say that another flood may pour through that town office again.  In the hours after the flood waters were coming into that building, they were not able to successfully retrieve the town records. Mr. Swift stated the priority should be public safety and the wellbeing of the town records.  The Town of Brandon is doing due diligence to determine whether this is the right spot to have the town office and whether to invest thousands of dollars into a building where another flood could cause more damage.  Mr. Swift stated there were inspections done on the barrel bridges and the inspector could not reach all of the area to inspect. Maurice Racine stated with regard to the safety of personnel, he feels that the staff would have the intelligence to leave the building, but he does understand the compromise of the vault. Max Ferro stated the vaults are useless, as the vault would need to be covered by two feet of concrete and two feet of sand in order to protect the safe in the case of a fire. Mr. Ferro stated the records should not be kept inside a vault and should be moved to a safer location.  Mr. Ferro also noted it would be wrong to destroy one of the first buildings in town, as it has served the town since 1829. Devon Fuller stated that no one has ever said that the building is to be demolished.


Ethan Swift stated the concentration of the discussion should not be to place the blame on past decisions, but should be centered around coming up with a solution to the issue. Blane Cliver stated there needs to be something done to mitigate the floods.  Devon Fuller summarized the events of the last year that included getting the roads repaired after the flood and the removal of the damaged interior of the town office.  The design phase of the town office was completed by the architects in town, which is a phased plan to get the main floor repaired first. The H & H study will be done and the hydrology capacity will be increased. The next phase of the project will be to put in a lift to use the second floor of the building.  Mr. Fuller stated the town could have been faster in the process, but the process is as he recalled it. The town office wiring was sketchy at best and the VLCT insurance has indicated they would assist with this effort.  Mr. Fuller stated the intent is to start with the main floor and come up with processes and continue to solve the problems and not look backwards. It was questioned where the town records are currently located and it was noted the bulk of the records are in a pod container at the fire station.  Charlie Rivers asked if the use of the fire station will be reimbursed by FEMA, as the expenses for heat and electricity will need to be reimbursed to the Fire Department. Keith Arlund advised the town has been paying for the electricity and he has suggested to the insurance company there should be remuneration to the Fire District. Mr. Arlund stated the Fire District has been very accommodating and if rent is charged, it will be covered by the insurance.  Maurice Racine stated in rebuilding the town office, he feels it should go before the voters to approve the reconstruction. Phyllis Reed asked if the repair can be paid for by a bond. Devon Fuller stated once the cost is determined, the town will need to make the decision of what to do.    Mr. Fuller noted this discussion has taken place at several meetings and the intent is to repair the first floor, have the H & H study completed and increase the hydrology.  If the study comes back that this location is an unsafe location for the town office, it will be determined at a later date what to do for the future.  Helyn Anderson feels the town employees are working in unhealthy conditions and there is an issue that all offices are not handicap accessible. Norm Milot asked the Board to be frugal.  Max Ferro stated the plans that have been developed divides all tasks that have to be done that are reimbursable by FEMA and insurance. Mr. Ferro stated some items could be covered by accessibility grants and historic preservation grants. It is now known what the problems are and he thinks the town has a good chance to get someone else to pay for a good chunk of the renovations. Mr. Ferro stated the town will not be eligible for accessibility grants if the town does not intend to re-enter the building.  Blane Cliver stated the grants are given to municipalities and not to private entities. Jim Leary felt there was  a lack of urgency. He stated the town finds the challenges, but they also need to look for the solutions.  Judy Bunde asked if there is a way to take the piece that Mr. Cliver referred to and call the estimator to request that particular piece be done immediately. Devon Fuller stated the Board has asked Mr. Arlund to request this information.  Mr. Arlund stated he will discuss this item with the estimator. Mr. Arlund noted the town does have flood insurance and full insurance coverage and he will be attending a meeting on October 1st to go over this information. The VLCT has stated since there are code issues involved, they will assist with bringing items up to code. Mr. Arlund stated in order to check for mold, the petitions had to be removed and every contractor who looked at the office post-storm said the carpet had to come up and the underlayment had to be removed down to dry wood. Mike Yandell had assured Mr. Arlund that he could do the estimate, but Mr. Arlund was notified on September 5th that he was unable to complete the job. Ethan Swift stated the town has been on a deliberate process and everything has to follow a logical sequence. The H & H study will talk about the risks that will need to be addressed in the repair of the building.  Mr. Swift stated again the Town of Wilmington had made the decision to get right back into their building, which may prove to not be the right decision at some point. He stated there needs to be patience and it will be determined if it is a good decision to move back into the building. Jeff Stewart stated it is important to clarify the progression of authority, as a single board member does not have the authority to act as the town manager.  Police Chief Brickell advised he assumes that responsibility from the town manager when he is out of town. Chief Brickell assured there was a system in place and the Select Board members were included in the process. He stated Mr. Baker had many of the connections to get the infrastructure running and Chief Brickell felt that the Fire Chief, the Board Chair and he worked well together during the aftermath of the disaster. There were four or five people that met on a daily basis to discuss what was going to be done. He stated the main issue was getting Route 7 open and the Team checked in with fifteen to twenty people each day. Chief Brickell stated it is not right to place blame on people who were not here during the disaster. He stated there are many issues being dealt with and some things may have been put on the back burner. Chief Brickell wished to thank the Board for the assistance they provided.


Maria Ammatuna questioned the status of the traffic counts done by the Regional Planning Commission and asked whether pedestrian counts were also done. Brian Sanderson reported they are still working on the numbers and the traffic counts were just for vehicles. Ms. Ammatuna also advised she will be sending a letter to the Select Board with several questions that include; what is the process for repairing non-flood buildings and the funds for those repairs, who is the facility maintenance manager, how do the buildings get prioritized for repair, what is the capital equipment piece and how much money is budgeted for regular maintenance and which repairs are in the budget for this year.


Devon Fuller noted the guys doing the work on Park Street are doing an amazing job.


Dave Atherton reported he was approached by a local business owner requesting a bike rack be installed.  It was suggested this item be included in the budget.


Terry Kline requested the orange construction barrel on the north side of the bank be removed.  Mr. Kline also noted the condition of Route 7 north and Route 73 west are in horrible shape and questioned if repairs could be done before winter.  Devon Fuller agreed the Board needs to do something about the road conditions.  Kathy Rausenberger questioned if the budget meetings are open to the public, as the Friends of the Town Hall would like to provide a presentation.  It was noted the meetings are open to the public.


Helyn Anderson provided a letter to the Select Board regarding a tree on her property.  She stated the tree has serious issues and has substantial length and weight. The tree is in the orange zone and she was advised if it splits, it will hit her house.  Ms. Anderson stated the 2007 tree inventory had indicated this tree was up for possible removal and she would like the town to look into this issue.


9.  Old/Other Business  


Ethan Swift reported the crew that was working on the Rosalia Project has completed their clean up near BHOP and in Forestdale. They have removed a substantial amount of debris and were able to recycle a lot of metal.


Richard Baker questioned the status of the Form Base Code the Planning Commission had discussed applying for a grant to implement; as the deadline for this grant application is soon. Ethan Swift received an email from Anne Bransfield advising there is another grant opportunity the Commission will be applying for. Devon Fuller stated the town did not have the funds for the match of the grant that Mr. Baker was referring to.


Devon Fuller would like the Board to review the memorandum of agreement between the Brandon School District and the Town of Brandon for the emergency generator for discussion at the next meeting. Mr. Fuller also provided information about some policy changes that he would like to discuss with the Board at a subsequent meeting.


10.  Possible Executive Session – Contracts/Personnel (If Needed)


There was no executive session held.


11. Adjournment


Motion by Ethan Swift/Richard Baker to adjourn the Select Board meeting at 9:30PM. The motion passed unanimously – 3 to zero. 


Respectfully submitted,



Charlene Bryant
Recording Secretary