A land use permit is required for all development within the Town of Brandon, including but not limited to:  division of a parcel into two or more parcels; the construction, reconstruction, structural alteration, relocation, or enlargement of any building or other structure; the landfill, mining, or excavation operations, including the removal of topsoil or gravel in excess of 14 cubic yards in a two-year period; any substantial change in the nature or intensity of the current use of any building, structure or parcel of land; any extension of the current use of land; any increase in the number of dwelling units on a parcel of land; razing any structure over 500 square feet or any structure in the Central Business District; interior or exterior renovations; signage; and any development in the Fluvial Erosion Hazard Areas and/or Special Flood Hazard Areas.  A Certificate of Occupancy is required for all development approved within the Hazard Areas.

Applicants can reach the Zoning Administrative Officer at 802-247-3635 ext. 202 to discuss their projects and to determine what town approvals are required.


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Zoning Administrator: Anna Scheck

Office Location: 49 Center Street, Brandon VT 05733

Contact Information: Phone – 802-247-3635 ext. 202

Fax – 802-247-5481

E-mail – ascheck@townofbrandon.com


Link to Land Use (zoning) Application

Link to Land Use (zoning) Fees

Link to Brandon Land Use Ordinance (BLUO)